Chapter 828 (Teaser)

Shin Youngwoo was in a very uncomfortable state. 

Due to his enhancement failure, he had gotten so angry that he almost lost his sight. The ancient enhancement scrolls enhanced items from +1 to +3, but both the Enlightenment Sword and Valhalla of Infinite Affection had only increased to +1. Wasn’t that the lowest value possible? His luck was truly bad.

As such, Shin Youngwoo had been forced to stop the enhancement. He wanted to be cautious with the remaining ancient scrolls and would use them when his luck was high.

It was natural to be cautious. One enhancement level increased the basic stats of the item by 5%. This value was very important when looking at myth rated items with basic stats exceeding 1,000. He would be able to secure a difference of dozens or hundreds in attack and defense with just one enhancement level.

‘Furthermore, it is likely to be hard to obtain the ancient scrolls again in the future.’

Shin Youngwoo had noticed from the beginning that the giant cave cricket wasn’t a monster meant for players to hunt. It hadn’t used any special magic or skills, but...

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