Chapter 825 (Teaser)

‘This is a monster I’m not meant to catch.’ Grid noticed it the moment he faced the giant cave cricket.

It had a disgusting appearance that couldn’t be endured by ordinary people, and it didn’t fall down despite being hit by two legendary NPCs. The cave cricket was at a level that players couldn’t reach. Once he combined all these factors, Grid knew the giant cave cricket wasn’t meant for players. There were no chances of winning if a player met this monster.

‘I’m certain. A normal person will be stunned just by looking at it.’

It was a super large version of a cave cricket. Grid thought about its eyes, stretched-out snout, long whiskers, bent antennae, translucent skin, and so on… These were features that were hard for humans to accept. It felt like a few people would faint when they saw the giant cave cricket and then try to sue the S.A Group. 

Additionally, there was clear proof that the giant cave cricket was a monster not scheduled to meet players.

‘It appears to be an event monster related to a specific story.’

Grid had been playing Satisfy since the open beta...

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