Chapter 822 (Teaser)

The bones were the last bastion of an animal. The skin might be easily damaged by sharpness, but the bones were resistant. However, Overgeared Skeleton One destroyed the bone itself. It was a reaper.

‘I need to make a rapier-type weapon suitable for it!’ 

Grid’s eyes were full of affection as he looked at Overgeared Skeleton One, who disabled the bear-wolf that even threatened the elves. The affection Grid displayed was enough to make Noe feel jealous.

Bah, I don’t like skeletons. They can’t compare to the best demonic beast of hell.”

“Of course.”

After all, his affection for Noe was already close to infinity! Grid stroked Noe’s fur while trying hard to calm his heart. 

‘Permanent debuffs...!’

The system clearly said so. Overgeared Skeleton One paralyzed the bear-wolf by destroying the bones of its lower body. The reason was obvious. How could it move with broken bones?

‘This is on the level of a scam.’

Of course, recovery wasn’t impossible. It was a condition that could be restored immediately with a skill like...

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