Chapter 82 (Teaser)


Grid rejoiced as the production method for the Divine Shield entered his hands and the administrator urged him, “There’s no time! There’s a smithy in the castle, so make the shield there!”

He couldn’t even waste time going back and forth from Khan’s smithy?

“I need to buy the materials needed to make it, so I have to stop by the market.” 

“I will give you a servant to do all the menial work.”

“If you say so…”

Grid headed straight to the smithy in the castle. The level of the blacksmith was much lower than Khan, but the facilities were comparable to Khan’s smithy. Grid opened the scroll.

[Do you want to learn how to make the Divine Shield?]


[You have learned how to make the Divine Shield.]

[Divine Shield]

[Rating: Rare ~ Legendary

Rare Rating Information:

Durability: 360/360  Defense: 189  Magic Resistance: 150

* There is a rare chance of completely resisting dark spells. 

Epic Rating Information:

Durability: 430/430  Defense: 230  Magic Resistance: 181

* There is a certain probability of completely resisting dark spells.

Unique Rating Information:

Durability: 510/510  Defense: 295  Magic Resistance: 238

* There is a certain probability of completely resisting dark spells.

* The skill ‘Divine Light’ will be generated.

Legendary Rating Information:

Durability: 680/680  Defense:...

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