Chapter 819 (Teaser)

The branches, which were longer than humans, were as threatening as sharp blades, while the lush and overgrown foliage interfered with one’s vision. The giant trees eagerly reached for the sky. Was there anyone who wouldn’t feel reverence when standing before this scene? They would feel so overwhelmed that they couldn’t breathe.

However, Piaro was a legend. Nature was familiar to him as he immersed himself in the fields. The clean air and nature stirred up his mind and body.

“I’ll clean you up!!” Piaro yelled as he moved like a flying squirrel between the trees. Every time Belial’s sickle moved through the air, the branches of the giant trees fell to the ground. It took less than 10 minutes for a giant tree to be trimmed neatly.

Grid’s expectations were met. The legendary farmer had a high understanding of plants as a whole, giving him spectacular pruning skills. His hands gave life to the trees.

[Your subordinate, Piaro, has completed the pruning. (1/2,000)]

“Well done!”

Ttang! Ttang! Grid started hammering a metal plate on top of the hole in the portable...

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