Chapter 818 (Teaser)

Blackening had been strengthened by Grid’s rapid increase in demonic power during the Eternal War. After all his efforts, he managed to create Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle with the effect of the title Watched by the Gods. In addition, fighting energy had started to accumulate around him from the moment the elves appeared. Finally, there was the Weakened Great Demon Astaroth’s Power.


In the heavy pouring rain and the demonic lightning, Beniyaru hesitated. Her pupils, which could be seen beyond her disheveled white hair, were trembling.

‘How did this happen?’

It felt terrible to experience it personally. One of the 12 Te… One of the noble elves of the 12 families was forced to kneel before a human...? It left a big blot on the name of ‘Te’, which meant 'to protect'.

“Did you sell your soul to the great demons?” Beniyaru’s gaze was filled with strong hostility as she glared at Grid. Her problem wasn’t with Grid’s demonic energy. Demonic energy wasn’t unique since countless people obtained it from black magic or artifacts in the past. However, this field was different. It was an ability that raised a storm filled with lightning demonic...

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