Chapter 816 (Teaser)

“It is tougher than I thought.”

He didn’t know how many times he had checked the map during the last four days of the journey. It was difficult to find the right path. Grid was still unable to find his destination. However, it wasn’t because he was lost. Grid had a good sense of direction. It hadn’t been a fluke that he discovered the North End Cave and Pagma’s Rare Book.

Um... Grid’s gaze fell on the map again and again.

Kraugel said that the Boundary Forest was right there at the point where the Beldon Volcanic Zone and the Lilton Desert overlapped. That’s right. The Boundary Forest was a place not marked on the map, so it was no wonder that it was hard to find.

“Go east from the Beldon Volcanic area, west from the Lilton Desert...” Grid’s eyes narrowed. It was irritating since the schedule was different from what he had planned.

The silent Mercedes finally asked carefully, “Is Kraugel a credible person?”

Huh? Why are you asking all of a sudden?”

“I can’t believe that there is a forest here.”

This was a volcanic area where lava flowed, a desert where not a single blade of grass could be found. Yet there was a forest at the center? How could vegetation...

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