Chapter 811 (Teaser)

The birth of a legendary knight became a global issue. Who was the main character of the new legend and how strong was her power? How would she change the landscape of Satisfy in the future? Various media companies around the world provided in-depth analytical broadcasts, all of which had high ratings. It was proof that there was hot interest in the new legend.

On the other hand, the mood among the Overgeared members was the worst. The Overgeared members internally discussed the matter and found it was highly likely the legendary knight had been born in the empire. The Red Knights were the best on the continent. Among them, the First Knight Mercedes was a female and likely to have become the legend. The Overgeared members were able to easily guess this and felt upset.

Who was Mercedes? She was the person who made Grid kneel to her the first time she met him. It was terrible to think about how the Overgeared members would be suppressed by her now that she was stronger. However, at this moment...

“Everyone, say hello. This is the legendary knight that will be with us in the future.” Grid brought Mercedes as his companion.


“...Is this real?”

The Overgeared members shut their mouths. They knew...

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