Chapter 810 (Teaser)


Why was Mercedes here when she should be the hero of the empire? Grid suspected his eyes and doubted his ears. “Wandering knight? You left the empire?”

It was impossible. Even if Mercedes wanted it, the empire wouldn’t have let her go. Wouldn’t the emperor be a fool not to keep a legendary hero? Grid knew this, but he couldn’t help having expectations. In the first place, Mercedes had a serious nature and didn’t know how to joke.

“...Is this real?”



“Yes, I really left. To be precise, I got kicked out. Can Your Majesty take me?”

Ha..!” A smile crossed Grid’s face. He didn’t even have time to feel suspicious about Mercedes being ‘kicked out.’ Grid felt so happy that his head was refreshed. Then he acted rashly.

“I’m happy! I’m really happy, Mercedes! Of course, you’re welcome!” Grid hugged Mercedes’ slender body as hard as possible. Mercedes was embarrassed, but Grid didn’t care. He felt like he would miss her and hugged her desperately. “Haha! I’m so happy! I never thought this day would come!”

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