Chapter 81 (Teaser)

Khan welcomed Grid as Grid returned from Kesan Canyon. “You defeated the ghastly monsters in Kesan Canyon! You’re truly amazing! How about it? Did you learn Pagma's Sword Dance properly?”

“Of course.”

“Can you give me the chance to appreciate the great swordsmanship that thrilled my ancestor?”

“Okay. It is narrow here, so let’s go to the yard.”

This was Khan’s smithy, after all. They moved to the yard and Grid equipped the Ideal Dagger near a place where there was a lot of firewood. Then he activated Pagma's Sword Dance.

“Pagma's Sword Dance, Wave!”

Grid danced, scattering blue light in every direction. Khan was impressed by the spectacular sight.

Ohhhh! Amazing! It is so beautiful and intense!”

“In fact, there are four other sword techniques, but it has to end here today.”

“Why? I want to watch the rest of the sword dance.”

Grid wanted to show off to Khan, but he currently only had 630 mana! After activating Pagma's Sword Dance and using Wave, Grid only had 260 mana left. He didn’t have any mana for...

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