Chapter 806 (Teaser)

[The heavenly gods can’t take their eyes off you. Your dignity can be compared to a god after making three sets of battle gear that even the gods will covet.]

This was the notification window that rose when Grid made the myth rated White Tiger Sword. It was the first of the ‘special event’ that would happen every time he made three myth rated items. The reward was a skill, Divinity.

[Divinity - Blacksmithing Version]

[-Raises your existence to a level close to a god.

The casting time and cooldown time of all blacksmithing skills will be removed. It can be used up to two times whenever the skill is activated.]

Resource Consumption: None.

Cooldown Time: 23 hours.]

Grid thought of a number after he got this skill—18. The ‘F’ word came out. (The pronunciation of 18 in Korea sounds a lot like the F word in Korea.)

Think about it. A blacksmith’s skills were almost always related to production. So, if Grid’s blacksmithing skill was considered an active skill like ordinary blacksmiths, then it would be possible to show the merit of Divinity by completing one item the moment the ‘production’ button was pressed. 

However, Grid’s blacksmithing skill was passive. He didn’t have a production button. Furthermore, Pagma's Sword Dance was classified as a sword skill and it wasn’t affected...

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