Chapter 799 (Teaser)

The gates came into view.

“Wait a minute!” Mercedes, who was pulled by Grid, suddenly stopped. She watched the soldiers guarding the gate and gently pulled her hand away from Grid. There was a dark flush on her white face, and the feeling of Grid’s touch lingered on her fingertips.

“Why? What’s going on?”

“Where are you going to take me?”

“Outside the empire, of course.”

“What? I can’t leave.”

“What?” Grid frowned. “Was that guy called Gyuratan? From his attitude earlier, he seems to occupy a high position in the empire?”

Grid had noticed that the empire didn’t know Gyuratan’s identity. The demonkin were common enemies of humanity. So, if the Saharan Empire knew that Gyuratan was a great demon, they wouldn’t be able to stand by. The reason Mercedes was in a crisis was due to Gyuratan’s trick.

“He said that you are a traitor. Aren’t you in a very dangerous situation? He will frame you like he did Piaro in the past.”

“But I have an obligation to inform everyone about Gyuratan’s identity.”

“Do you think people will believe you?”

Mercedes smiled bitterly at Grid’s question and replied, “Nobody will believe me. I can’t believe it myself.”

It had been 15 years since Gyuratan became the Fourth Knight. He had acted as a perfect human...

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