Chapter 797 (Teaser)

“This is nonsense!”

It was an obvious story, but Immortal had also watched the videos of the National Competition several times. From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremonies, there were enthusiasts who watched the rerun without missing a single game. They knew the existence of the instant skill Grid had used to take out Tarma.

However, they hadn’t expected for the power of that skill to ruin Veradin. Why? Veradin was a person who had transcended the limits of a necromancer in the area of survival. Just look at back when the Overgeared Kingdom was invaded. At the time, Veradin had overpowered Faker. Veradin had even endured an assassin’s onslaught, so it was hard to think he would die with just one blow. Furthermore...

‘It was a wide-range skill?’

The moment the black flames exploded, dozens of necromancers within 10 meters of Veradin died as well. The Immortal members thought it was absurd. How could an instant skill boast such great power and an enormous range of influence?

‘Is a legendary skill this different?’

The sound of nervous gulps could be heard everywhere. The one who broke the uneasy silence was the 2nd ranked necromancer, Bullet. “Scat... Scatter! Scatter everywhere!”

Then the 7th ranked Drew shouted, “Don’t let that monster get away...

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