Chapter 796 (Teaser)

It had been confirmed that Mercedes disobeyed an order and went to Valhalla. Breaking an order was proof that she had lost faith in the emperor, while visiting a hostile kingdom without permission was evidence of rebellion. The contents of Gyuratan’s report contained clear slander and distortion of facts. The behavior of the First Knight was a cause for emergency because she had gone to visit the enemy.

‘There is a reason why Mercedes visited Valhalla.’

She had tried to get revenge by finding the Undefeated King’s Successor. In fact, there was no way she would join with Valhalla. Emperor Juander was convinced of this. However...

‘It is also true that she broke my orders.’

Sadly, the emperor had no choice but to doubt Mercedes’ loyalty. If she were truly loyal to him, she wouldn’t have left his sight for any reason.

‘Well, I never expected loyalty in the first place.’

It was natural. Even the trusted Piaro had betrayed him and the empire. The so-called knights were no different from clowns. Loyalty was merely a mask that could be thrown away at any time.

‘But it would be nice if I could trust Gyuratan a bit more.’

The Fourth Knight Gyuratan was the decisive figure who revealed Piaro’s betrayal 12 years ago. What was his reason...

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