Chapter 795 (Teaser)

[Still Crouching White Tiger Sword]

[Rating: Normal (Growth)

Durability: 390/390  

Attack Power: 373  

Defense: 31

* 10% drop in attack speed.

* 3% increase in physical attack power.

* 3% increase in defense.

* 3% increase in magic resistance.

* 6% increase in maximum health.

* 8% bonus earth attribute damage.

* There is a low chance of the sword’s weight increasing when attacking. At this time, the physical attack power that ignores the target’s defense will increase by 33%. However, the speed of recovering the sword is increased by one second.]

A sword that will become a myth beyond legends...


It was one of the two swords made by Grid. Fortunately, Yura had been able to steadily attain the bloodstones while hunting in hell. This was a sword made by borrowing the legendary rated material stored in the guild’s warehouse. It was also boosted by the power of the strengthened White Tiger’s Breath, meaning it couldn’t be regarded as a normal rated item. Considering that the basic performance of growth type items was superior to that of...

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