Chapter 793 (Teaser)

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!



The repetition of smelting and hammering. Grid kept doing this for a full day. But the two White Tiger’s Breaths didn’t yield. They resisted the flames and hammering to the end, becoming more ferocious. Every time they were hit by Grid’s hammer, the thorns spread out faster than before.


[You have wounded the pride of the noble White Tiger!]

[The White Tiger is angry!]

[You have suffered 890 damage.]

[You have suffered 844 damage...]



'This guy is like a yangban compared to the Red Phoenix.’

It was like a hedgehog trying to protect itself. Whenever it was shocked, the White Tiger shot out dozens of thorns and Grid’s face became covered in wounds. He was displeased with the phrase ‘the pride of the noble White Tiger.’ The White Tiger’s Breaths attacked every time its pride was damaged, so it was easy to tell how arrogant the White Tiger was.

'One day in the East Continent.’

Ttaang~! Ttang!

‘If I happen to meet with the sacred creatures.’

Kwaruk! Kwaruruk.

‘It is better not to associate with the White Tiger. No, I shouldn’t meet it at all.’

However, Grid had no time to think about it...

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