Chapter 792 (Teaser)

 [Do you want to name the item Stone Sword?]

“...No, wait.”

Grid, who was flowing with the momentum, suddenly stopped. He realized that the name of Stone Sword is inadequate. Was it because he heard the sighs of Kraugel and the blacksmiths? No. The cause of Grid’s current enlightenment was the armour he was wearing.

Khan's posthumous work, Valhalla. It was the armor Grid had never taken off since Khan died.

‘The name of the item is important. I need to think carefully and decide.’

Why did Khan call the armor Valhalla? In fact, Grid didn’t find much meaning in it. It was modelled after the Valhalla armor made by Albatino, Khan’s ancestor. Grid just through that the name was copied from that. But he found out later. One of the other meanings of Valhalla was ‘house of joy.’

‘Thanks to this, I was able to get a glimpse of Khan’s heart.’

Khan was hoping that Grid would be a huge house-like entity that could embrace many people and give them joy.

‘Yes, the name is important.’

Grid’s thinking, which had been biased towards the design and function of the item, started to activate. Grid recalled Lauel’s...

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