Chapter 79 (Teaser)


Pagma's Sword Dance was beyond Grid’s imagination. The skills’ capabilities and damage was something he could never imagine.

‘There is one passive skill and multiple active features... I don’t have any mastery skills, so this is really amazing considering my lacking combat skills.’

Most classes had passive skills such as Weapons Mastery or Armor Mastery. These passive mastery skills increased the performance of weapons and armor. However, Pagma's Successor didn’t have any mastery skills at all. It was a drawback and an unsatisfactory part of the class.

“But now it’s different.”

Pagma's Sword Dance increased Grid’s attack power and chances of a critical hit when deactivated. This had a similar effect to Weapons Mastery. 

‘It is also the performance of Intermediate Weapons Mastery...! The effect disappears when the skill is activated, but that isn’t a huge problem. When activated, five active skills are generated.’ 

Pagma's Sword Dance! It was...

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