Chapter 787 (Teaser)

The pillars supporting the country. The empire was eternal and the people would be at ease.

This was a verse of a song that was once popular throughout the empire. Great Swordsman Piaro and Splendid Swordsman Asmophel. The people of the empire gained great courage and hope when they listened to the song that praised the two heroes of the empire.

It was the same for the young Mercedes. She had dreams of becoming a knight and was raised humming the heroes’ song. Mercedes overcame every hardship and trial in the hope that she could someday wear the same red armor as the two heroes. For her, the tragedy of 12 years ago was a huge shock.



The name buried deep in her chest. The moment when the name of the sinner flowed from Grid’s mouth.


The pillar of light fell and a man appeared inside. He was a middle-aged man dressed in shabby clothing and covered in dirt and sweat. He wore a straw hat on his head and he was holding a sickle and hand plow with hands covered in calluses. He looked like a farmer, but Mercedes wasn’t deceived...

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