Chapter 785 (Teaser)

"This is also okay.”

Emperor Juander’s face was satisfied as he tasted the food coming out in turn. The other officials were the same. The imperial cuisine, which reinterpreted the food culture throughout the continent, was originally famous for its taste. But it tasted especially good today. The imperials chefs seemed to be at their best since an honored guest was visiting.

‘Huhuhut, that hillbilly will be shocked by the taste.’

Sky King Rigal watched Grid’s response. The specialty of the Overgeared Kingdom was potatoes? Rigal wanted to see what type of response the king of a country that ate only pig food would show to the food of the great empire. It was as he expected.

"The food tastes good. In particular, the food made from flour are excellent.”

Grid’s reaction was as Rigal expected. He admired and praised the food. The Saharan Empire was truly the best in every way. Grid’s admiration made the emperor feel good. Rigal confirmed the smile on the emperor’s face and quickly clapped his hands. The chef soon came running.

"Y-You called me.”

Being called to the...

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