Chapter 782 (Teaser)

The Overgeared Kingdom started as an agricultural kingdom. Thanks to the agriculture developed by Piaro, the kingdom’s finances were stabilized and the foundations of commerce could be established. The reason why Grid was able to train blacksmiths with Khan and to build a smithy complex was thanks to the money earned from agriculture.

“So much?”

Grid felt reluctant when he saw the mountain of wheat and potatoes transported from Bairan. The wheat and rainbow potatoes had become special products of the Overgeared Kingdom and were the most important export items for the nation’s economy. He didn’t want to give 100 tons to the empire.

"Why do we have to give an offering in the first place? We aren’t even a tributary of the empire.”

Lauel explained to the grim Grid. "It isn’t an offering, it’s a gift. Your Majesty asked to visit the empire first and the empire accepted the request. Isn’t it basic courtesy to give a small gift in return for that?”

It was a meeting between the leaders of both kingdoms. It was a notable official event for the...

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