Chapter 780 (Teaser)

Kill Immortal!

The press conference held by Grid because of a personal grudge contained serious moral issues. Not only did Grid declare that he would destroy a force who caused him damage, he also asked for people’s cooperation. It was obviously revenge. Grid was like an absolute tyrant as he wielded the power of his position. This gave a physiological rejection to the public.

It was a press conference that should gain criticism, rather than public approval. But Grid’s press conference received huge support from the masses. It was thanks to the screenplay written with money.

"I understand that the Overgeared Kingdom has suffered tremendous damage. But in the end, isn’t it just a quarrel between two forces? What relationship does it have with the world? Why should other people join in the Overgeared Kingdom’s revenge?”

"It’s for the future of the National Competition. If I don’t condemn Immortal, who invaded another power during the National Competition, there’s likely to be a second and third Immortal in the future. From next year, the forces...

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