Chapter 778 (Teaser)


As Khan turned to grey, Grid hugged him like he didn’t want to miss a single part.

"You must be happy.”

Khan wanted to say a lot but there was no time. Khan only left a single wish as his testament.


Finally, Khan’s two hands that wanted to hold Grid completely disappeared before they could wrap around Grid. Khan smiled brightly rather than showing any sorrow. It was Khan’s last appearance that would forever be kept in Grid’s mind.


Grid didn’t want to lost Khan’s touch, body temperature, and smell that was disappearing like a mirage. He eagerly stretched out a hand but it was useless. His hands only touched the air that had nothing left.


Tears constantly flowed from Ruby’s eyes as she watched the last farewell between Grid and Khan. Faker supported her as her nose turned red from crying.

"Let’s leave Grid alone.”


The first person who acknowledged him. The person who shared his sufferings, sorrows, and joy. Khan was his teacher, disciple, friend, and family member. He was always at the forefront when Grid was thinking about his ‘precious people’...

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