Chapter 773 (Teaser)


"Grid finally did it!”

“The best! Always exciting!”

“Keok! God Grid...! I love you, God Grid!!”  

It was strange and proud to see Grid on the podium higher than Kraugel. He broke Kraugel, who’d reigned supreme. In the past two years, he’d led South Korea to the second rank despite it being known for being weak in Satisfy. Now he gave them the honor of being the top country this year.

It was natural for the Korean players to feel unlimited gratitude and respect for him. Even Eat Spicy Jokbal, who hated Grid on the surface, was thrilled. He realized there was still deep patriotism in his heart and embraced Peak Sword.

"You should try and persuade Princess to join the Overgeared Guild.” Viola said with a scolding expression.

On the monitor, Grid was being interviewed.

"Just like anyone who played Satisfy, Kraugel was an idol and goal for me. I heard his heroic stories and burned with fighting spirit when hearing his saga. Then I worked hard. This is the result.”

Grid stopped speaking and looked at Kraugel, who was also surrounded by reporters. Grid’s eyes...

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