Chapter 772 (Teaser)

People were different. They might be looking at the same thing but would feel something else. Most people who felt good were already ahead.

'This time, Grid was ahead.’

The evil dragon Bunhelier. The world’s strongest presence that could never be raided. When Kraugel didn’t want to see it again, Grid dreamt of getting revenge. It was a huge difference. It was clear that after Bunhelier, Grid would achieve a much faster growth.

In order to avoid falling behind, Kraugel also couldn’t turn away from Bunhelier. In addition, Grid drove the sky above the sky to the edge.

“Condemnation Sword!”

Condemnation Sword was one of the Sword Saint’s ultimate skills which boasted an attack power equivalent to 100% of the target’s defense. It couldn’t penetrate Bunhelier’s defense, but it was enough to inflict damage on Grid. White Fang was surrounded by a silver light as it rushed to Grid.

"100,000 Army Massacre Sword!”


Kraugel thought Grid would choose to defend or counterattack, but he ending up using an unexpected skill. It was the strongest skill...

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