Chapter 771 (Teaser)

[You have dealt 1,430...]

[The black flame explosion...]



『 P-Player Grid is continuing the onslaught!! 』

『 Player Grid’s attack power is completely overwhelming Player Kraugel!! 』

『 100,000 Army Massacre Sword...! I now understand why it has such a name! It has tremendous power!! 』

『 It’s worth noting that the black flames are intermittently exploding. It’s applied at the same time as other skills so it might be a passive skill... 』

『 Huh? Is that so? 』

The sight of Bunhelier being bombarded 30 times with 100,000 Army Massacre Sword was shocking. Bunlier’s scales, which completely neutralized Sword Saint Kraugel’s attacks, received damage. It was the moment when the hidden skill ‘Absolute Defense (SSS) was overwhelmed by Grid’s dignity.


Bunhelier’s 30 meter long body was finely shaking. The spectators and viewers watching wondered if Grid might succeed in raiding Bunhelier. But reality was terrible. It was like an ordinary...

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