Chapter 770 (Teaser)

“What the hell is this?”

The National Competition Operations Team in the S.A. Group was in a state of emergency.

The National Competition’s server was operated separately from Satisfy’s server. It was impossible for a dragon that existed in Satisfy to appear in the National Competition. However, a dragon appeared in the most important closing event. It was a situation they couldn’t understand and it was serious.

“Figure out what’s going on right now!”


After receiving the orders of the team leader, the employees started to investigate all variables. The National Competition Operations Team was composed of the elites of the S.A. Group. Thus, reports immediately poured in.

"Bunhelier has disappeared from this server!”

“What...? Then that’s the body?”

"No, how did this happen?”

“I’ve found the cause! It’s the weapon used by Kraugel. The +9 White Fang has an option to summon Bunhelier.”


The National Competition’s server was separate from Satisfy’s server. However, the data of the players brought into the National Competition’s server was the same. The option of ‘summoning Helier’ was present in the imported data. It wasn’t impossible to exclude the summoning probability from the National Competition’s server.

“This is crazy! A user has an item that summons a dragon?”

"It’s a drop item from...

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