Chapter 767 (Teaser)

Due to their overwhelming presence, Grid and Kraugel went straight to the finals. They shared the same thoughts 30 minutes before the match.

‘Can I win?’

‘I must win.’

‘If not this year-'

‘There might not be a chance to win anymore.’

The two men saw each other’s skills during the last National Competition. They acknowledged each other and were afraid. They had both expectations and concerns about the potential that was hard to quantify of the other person.

Duguen, duguen, dugeun...

The Korean team’s waiting room.

Grid sat on the sofa, his heart beating much faster than usual. He thought of the first day he met Kraugel. He was reminded of the emotions he felt when facing the sky above the sky, who wasn’t easy to see.


How could he explain this deep emotion? Grid changed due to his meeting with Kraugel. He became known world wide, knew his potential strength, and gained confidence. In addition, he was able to run towards the goal of ‘Kraugel.’

‘If I hadn’t met...

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