Chapter 763 (Teaser)

There was no longer a promised victory.

The 1st National Competition, the 2nd National Competition, the battle between guilds and the successive defeats to Grid and the Overgeared members led to Bubat becoming the symbol of defeat. Numerous people who praised him now turned away from him. Sometimes other people mocked him.

The honor he built up as the leader of the Yak Guild, one of the Seven Guilds, and as the strongest initiator, Crusher, disappeared like a sandcastle. But Bubat wasn’t shaken. He didn’t shake at all. As a tanker, he was accustomed to being hit. He had a strong mentality from taking blows well.

"This year I will definitely do it.”

Bubat was determined before the PvP event of this National Competition.

“I will definitely beat Grid this year.”

The reason he was so obsessed with Grid wasn’t because of personal grudges. It wasn’t simply payback for being defeated. He burned with a sense of challenge because he recognized Grid as a trial to be overcome. He had a desire to develop further.

In addition.

‘Father, have strength!’

‘This year, be sure to win the gold medal!’

He wanted to be a wonderful dad in the eyes of his two daughters, who were just beginning to grow up.

‘Huhut, tomorrow I can meet my cute princesses.’

He remembered his daughters’...

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