Chapter 762 (Teaser)

Only one minute. Peak Sword defeated an existence that people perceived as the best in a very short time. Peak Sword might’ve died as well, but people didn’t care about this part.

"No way! A bug!”

Those who worshipped the Hero denied reality.

"Isn’t this enough to beat Kraugel this year?”

"The real top is neither Kraugel or Grid, it’s Peak Sword.”

Some busybodies enjoyed the situation. A whirlwind of confusion swept across the globe. But Peak Sword didn’t know this.


Peak Sword had died in exchange for using Iyarugt’s intoxicated state. His entire body was soaked with sweat when he logged out. It would’ve been a failure if he missed a single attack. In the midst of this heavy burden, fighting the Hero was intimidating for Peak Sword. The mental power consumed was too great.

'God Grid who can fight this monster for dozens of minutes...’

Grid’s presence became even bigger as Peak Sword lay in the capsule and shivered.

Grid, who...

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