Chapter 761 (Teaser)

Seven players from six countries participated in breaking the hero. There was a ‘Hero’ in the center of the stage.

"Are you challenging me?”

A black-haired man asked with a nonchalant face.  He was the ‘Hero.’


[Breaking the Hero]

It was the event Peak Sword was participating in. The participants would fight one on one with the Hero and the contestants who defeated the Hero the quickest would win. It was an ordinary time attack game. However, the public’s expectation for the event that was debuting this year was very big.

It was due to the identity of the Hero. It was the PvP winner of the 2nd National Competition, Kraugel. That’s right...  

To be precise, the Hero was a ‘doppelganger’ who duplicated Kraugel’s stats and skills from last year. How many of this year’s contestants could fight against the strongest player last year? Breaking the hero was enough to stimulate the curiosity of the public and attracted a great deal of attention long before the 3rd National Competition began.

『 Chris from Canada, Damian and Katz from Japan, Pon from Spain, Regas from the United Kingdom... The participants are amazing. But the number of participants is much lower than expected....

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