Chapter 758 (Teaser)

“Hahahahat! The Japanese surprisingly know the taste of food! Ah~ they have great taste!”

The second day of events for the National Competition finished. Peak Sword was satisfied after dinner at a famous restaurant. He embraced people passing by and even danced. Why was he feeling so good?

"Heh, I guess he’s happy that I won a gold medal.”

Eat Spicy Jokbal thought this way but reality was different.

"The restaurant has kimchi as a side dish! It’s really wonderful that the Japanese know the taste of kimchi! Nice! Puhahahat!”


The president of the Korean Patriotic Society, Peak Sword! He was very happy that most of the restaurants he visited during his stay in Japan sold kimchi. He felt great pride that the great food culture of Korea had completely captivated the hearts of the Japanese people.

“I especially like the fact that kimchi is being sold! Right! It’s right! Good food like kimchi should receive money to eat it! Don’t just give it for free! In Korean restaurants, the kimchi side dishes should be paid for separately! Right! That’s right!”

"...No, most side dishes in Japan you need to pay for...”

"Kuhahahaha! Hooray kimchi!”

“...Crazy guys.”

They were tired of dealing with the extreme Peak...

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