Chapter 755 (Teaser)

United States: Gold (4), Silver (3), Bronze (0)

Canada: Gold (2), Silver (4), Bronze (1)

China: Gold (2), Silver (0), Bronze (0)

United Kingdom: Gold (1), Silver (0), Bronze (4)

Japan: Gold (0), Silver (1), Bronze (2)

South Korea: Gold (0), Silver (1), Bronze (0)

France: Gold (0), Silver (0), Bronze (2)

This was the result of the first day of the 3rd National Competition. As with previous years, the North American, European and East Asian countries were remarkable. Of course, this table was only temporary. There were still 18 events remaining today and tomorrow. New countries would emerge on the leaderboard. Last year’s number one, Russia was included.

『 Just like yesterday, there will be nine events held today. Six of those are team events. Today is the most important day out of the National Competition’s three days. 』

In order to win the team events, the team must have a wide variety of players. Countries with many outstanding athletes were more likely to win a team medal. The US, Canada, China, and Russia met these conditions. Other countries were significantly less likely to win medals at team events.

『 The countries that wins many medals in the team events out of the four major powers will be ranked first in the overall...

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