Chapter 754 (Teaser)

The stronger the predator, the more prideful they were. They weren’t cautious when hunting small rabbits. Patience and strength were the basics. It was important to do their best when competing with the same beast.


The second half of saint sword drawing. Kraugel was doing his best to stop Yura. He was very wary of her since she was also qualified to draw the saint sword.

‘There’s a slight difference in movement speed due to the difference in basic stats. I need to deal with her before entering the safety zone.’

Kraugel hadn’t achieved level 300 before entering the National Competition. His stats failed to reach the third awakening and were generally lacking. He needed to be tenacious to make up for this. Kraugel placed his hands on the sheath at his waist.

He aimed for Yura’s predicted path and drew White Fang. It was Space Sword, one of the ultimate skills of a Sword Saint.



Kraugel’s silver-coloured sword cut the earth, rivers, trees, rocks, mountains, and sky. The landscape in his field of view was cut in two. All except for one thing. It was Yura. The moment Kraugel’s sword reached her, she used Hell Leap to make Kraugel’s technique...

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