Chapter 753 (Teaser)


A black object fell and dirtied the marble floor. It was the chocolate pudding that Grid was eating.


The South Korean team’s waiting room. Grid had lost his soul. He didn’t even notice that the expensive pudding he normally didn’t buy had fallen to the ground.

“God Grid? Hey, God Grid!”

Peak Sword noticed Grid’s unusual state. He grabbed Grid’s shoulder and randomly shook it. He couldn’t help feeling worried. Among the many snacks available in the waiting room, Grid had only picked the most expensive chocolate pudding. He had already eaten six consecutive ones!

"Hey! I told you! I told you it was dangerous if you consumed so much sugar at once! But you...! You just said that freebies are good...! Hey! God Grid!! Wake up! Look into my eyes!”

‘...It’s different from the image I imagined.’

The representatives’ images of Overgeared King Grid and Peak Sword was very big. In particular, Grid and Peak Sword were heroes and idols to the young rankers participating on the Korean team this year. They imagined a noble image. However, reality was the exact opposite of their imagination. They seemed like neighborhood idiots.

But why weren’t they disappointed? Grid and Peak Sword had no authority?...

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