Chapter 751 (Teaser)

『 Satisfy’s opening ceremony held in Tokyo has the largest number of tourists in history. 』

『 The Tokyo Dome has heated up. The 1,500 participants from 50 countries have determination on their faces and the crowd is giving them an enthusiastic cheer. 』

『 The National Competition is significant. It’s an opportunity for the players to gain wealth and honor at the same time. For the people of each country supporting them, it’s a chance to get a big buff. 』

『 I wonder what countries and participants will play a big role this year. 』 

『 I’m looking forward to the birth of a new star. 』 

『 Won’t it be hard for a new star to emerge because the existing top talents are so big? 』 

『 Don’t forget that the world is wide. I believe there are countless hermits who haven’t been discovered. Ares and Agnus... People like them. 』

Satisfy could be described as a game enjoyed by the whole world and the size of the National Competition expanded every year. As a result, the attitude of the players became more serious. It was because the size of the compensation grew with the size of the competition.

The gold medal winner received an item equivalent to the legendary rank or a material equivalent...

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