Chapter 750 (Teaser)

"A glass of beer."

Red Deer, Canada. It was a small town in southern Alberta. In this small city with 80,000 residents, the black-haired foreigner was conspicuous. But today was an exception. Due to the live broadcast of Battlefield, the streets were quiet and most people were focused on the TV.

Thanks to this, the black-haired man was able to sit in the seat without receiving any attention. His white skin, small lips, less developed brow bone, and ebony hair showed that he was a man with Asian blood in him. The eyes behind dark sunglasses were also black.

His name was Ray and he had a Korean father and a Canadian mother. His ID in Satisfy was Faker. Of course, people didn’t know his identity.

"You never take off your sunglasses. It has been a while since you’ve come. Jennifer often asks about you.”

A middle-aged man running the shabby pub alone handed him a beer. Was it because he didn’t want to indulge in useless chatter or because of his original reticent nature?


Faker nodded silently and drank a mouthful of beer. Like the other guests, his gaze was on the TV.

"Oh, Grid’s movements are fantastic.

“But Chris is...

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