Chapter 747 (Teaser)

 "...Are those scriptures?”

"No way...but the design is really similar.”

The people climbing the stairs with dignity. They were just as good as Regas. They were the strongest people who everyone in the world knew. They survived to the end for a reason. It was natural for them to be filled with confidence. They didn’t doubt that if they united their strengths, they would be able to win relatively easily. The characters in Battlefield only had 20 health. The maximum number of potions held was only two, so it was natural to think they would win. Until they witnessed over 10 scriptures in Grid’s arms.

‘This crazy guy...’

‘Did he only collect scriptures throughout the game?’

A thin booklet with a blue cover. The identity of Grid’s items was definitely a scripture. The scriptures, which were difficult for the other weak clerics to secure even a single one... The eyes of the people present shook. In the awkward silence, someone...

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