Chapter 746 (Teaser)

"Who would be afraid with you and I together?”


Who was this guy? Grid felt deja vu as he saw the man who intended to join his team. It felt like he had seen the man somewhere before. Then someone popped up in his head.

‘No, it’s impossible.’

Grid denied it. The man he thought of wouldn’t be someone tempted by items.

“Don’t you see the other teams coming?”

The participants were heading towards Grid. They didn’t want Grid to form a team of three like them. They had to act quickly before the three people could team up.



There was a flood of arrows. Four arrows shot from various place flew towards Grid, Jishuka, and the unknown man.


Things had become twisted. He ended up getting more aggro. Grid clicked his tongue and avoided an arrow. He would’ve been pierced by it if his reaction time was 0.5 seconds later. Meanwhile, an arrow was stuck in Jishuka’s forearm. She couldn’t avoid the arrow like Grid. In addition.



The unidentified man struck two arrows with...

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