Chapter 745 (Teaser)

28 minutes until Battlefield ended.

The Battlefield map had undergone a lot of destruction and the only area left was ‘Trion.’ 

Trion was a small town with five six-story buildings and around 40 one-story houses. The boxes and drums left in the alleys, the large fountain in the central square, and the side roads created a number of variables by serving as cover. The six-story buildings were connected with clotheslines that were exceptionally thick and sturdy.

Like the other survivors, Grid was forced to move into a tree.

‘The odds are low.’

Why? Grid had only teamed up with Jishuka, while the other survivors had at least three team members. There was even a team with five people.

‘Most of the people here are rankers.’

Considering that Kraugel, Chris, and Pon would be present, Grid wasn’t convinced of his superiority. In such a situation, the numerical disadvantage was a huge burden. Above all, the biggest problem was the narrow map.

‘It’s hard to find a sniping point.’

Grid was a cleric. The warrior Jishuka had to perform the role of damage dealer. She currently had a total of 136 arrows. Theoretically, it...

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