Chapter 742 (Teaser)


As soon as Grid pulled out the blue booklet, Hao got goosebumps. He knew what the identity of this book  was.



Grid’s body was surrounded by light. The wounds that proved the fierceness of the battle disappeared like a lie. Hao’s eyes shook.

‘He selected a cleric?’

In the character selection value, Hao saw the cleric’s value as low. A magician exerted a unique attack power after getting a magic wand, while a producer could make bows and arrows themselves. Both were excellent classes. In particular,  Hao thought that Grid would choose the producer class. It was a speculation considering his identity as a legendary blacksmith. Yet he was a cleric?

Hao gulped.

‘Grid, did you know from the beginning?’

In the character selection window, Hao saw the cleric as a bad class. Immediately after entering the battlefield, he realized after seeing that there were dozens of shrines on the mini-map. In fact, the cleric was the class with the greatest potential. Why? The scriptures, which he thought relied on pure luck, were actually items that could be secured s...

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