Chapter 740 (Teaser)

Some people looked for weapons from the beginning, while some people hid in safe places. In addition, some people eliminated others by killing them. Hide and seek, defeating and looting were repeated without stopping. There was no safe zone here so the thoughts and strategies of 1,500 people intersected. Battlefield progressed rapidly, with the survivors shrinking to 900 in the first 20 minutes.

Grid confirmed the number of survivors marked on one side and frowned.

‘I thought it was dirty because it was 100,000 pyeong.’

Actually, a size of 100,000 pyeong was big. It was around half the size of any town in a province. The first time he entered Battlefield and saw the various hills, valleys, buildings, and forests, Grid wondered how many people would die in three hours. He thought that most people would be looking for each other when the time limit was over.

However, he was mistaken. The 100,000 pyeong land felt small due to the pursuit, hiding and fighting of 1,500 people. Grid looked at the mini-map while looking for the next route.

‘I will pass the...

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