Chapter 739 (Teaser)

‘It’s like this. Why are they always aiming for the back of my head?’

Grid loved Satisfy. He was very enthusiastic about it. Thanks to Satisfy, he was able to grow up, make precious bonds, and to succeed in life. But interestingly, he felt something close to hostile towards the S.A. Group. It was natural from Grid’s position.

There was some doubts about manipulation in the game and every time the National Competition was held, Grid thought that the S.A. was deliberately guarding against him. That’s why Grid didn’t trust the S.A. Group. He also had doubts about this event. While the other representatives were discussing the event, Grid tried to find a trap hidden in the game system. He took note of the limited number of potions that could be held. He used his experience and instincts to spot the potential trap.

Then in the class selection window, he noticed the trap that was hidden. 


It was a very bad class when he first saw it. The warriors were powerful from the beginning, while magicians and producers could become more powerful when certain weapons were acquired.  Compared to those, the clerics didn’t receive any items. They lacked explosive power...

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