Chapter 738 (Teaser)

“From this moment on, you will be connected to Battlefield.”

It was a special event where the details hadn’t been disclosed. All 1,500 National Competition participants this year hoped to take part in the event. It was somewhat unreasonable that the contents weren’t disclosed, but it was inevitable that they would covert the rewards.  The moment the representatives of each country boarded the plane.

“The battlefield is a mini-map around 10,000 pyeong. It isn’t large enough for 1,500 people, but it boasts diverse terrain that makes it easy to develop a strategy. You will have to fight each other until there are three survivors remaining.”

The event details were released. There was a backlash.

"It sounds like a solo show. Isn’t this too unreasonable?”

"A battle in a limited space is unconditionally advantageous to those with higher specs. Isn’t this an event for just a few people?”

Viola and Ma Bongshik expressed their concerns. The other representatives were sympathetic. However, it was difficult to read Grid and Yura’s minds. The host explained in more detail.

"No, it’s a fair game. Battlefield is a completely separate...

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