Chapter 736 (Teaser)

 'Considering Kraugel’s level during the Belial raid...’

Ahead of the National Competition, Grid’s nerves were concentrated on Kraugel. It was a phenomenon caused by his desire to win the rematch that was taking place after one year and three months.

‘At present, the level difference between him and me should be at least 150?’

Until now, the total was 1 to 1. This would be the game that determined victory or defeat. The winner would be the real winner.

'No, Kraugel’s level up speed will be beyond my calculations. Maybe the level difference is less than 100.’

Well, even if the level difference is less than 100, there was no problem.

‘Even Kraugel couldn’t have passed level 300 yet. He wouldn’t have achieved the third awakening.’

In a game, the level difference was as absolute as items. A higher level player would be stronger than a lower level one. In particular, the stats awakening every 100 levels caused a tremendous difference. In the past, the level 299 Grid failed to defeat Elfin Stone while the level 300 Grid succeeded. It was an example that showed the gap.

‘Okay. This is sufficient.’


Grid was convinced and formed fists. Some people might think it wasn’t fair because of the level difference, but...

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