Chapter 734 (Teaser)

Shortly after the Noll raid ended.

“Won’t the soldiers need a break? Let’s take a break in Reidan.”

"Thank you for your deep consideration!”

Chris encouraged the soldiers to take a break before returning home. The soldiers were in tears from the consideration. The soldiers marched without a break because they thought Grid was in danger, then they fought the vampires after crossing the desert. They were physically and mentally in a difficult state. Their eyes were dark at the thought of crossing the desert again to return home. It was recommended that they take a break. It was a break in Reidan, the second capital. It was obviously sweet honey.

"Leave the rest to me and return.”

Chris told Grid as he smiled at the cheering soldiers.

Grid expressed his appreciation. "Thank you for taking care of the soldiers. It will cost a lot of money to provide accommodations and meals to tens of thousands of people..."

"It’s natural as a duke of the Overgeared Kingdom. It isn’t something to be thankful about.”

“...It feels good.”

Grid was fulfilled. The presence of strong colleagues made...

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