Chapter 731 (Teaser)

 'I didn’t want this to happen...’

Grid wanted to show off the numerical superiority he could wield as the king of a kingdom. It was absolutely upsetting to see a person who didn’t know what the real power of numerical superiority was. Thus, Grid assembled the main force in Reinhardt.

The final number was over 30,000. It was a large army worthy of the Noll raid. It was enough to make Noll experience the fear of a numerical superiority. Grid didn’t want any more troops. Yet things became twisted.

"Maxong, king of the water clan, has led his army to help the Overgeared King!”


"Laden and the Gale Troops have arrived! Duke Steim sent me!”


“Bland. My father has commanded me to protect Your Majesty.”


-Grid-sama, I heard rumours that you are in danger. I’m running over with Rebecca’s Daughters right now, so hold on for a while.

-...Please don’t come.

The power of a royal order was much bigger than Grid imagined. The lords and players at various places misunderstood that...

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