Chapter 730 (Teaser)

“You...! You!”

Was it towards the water clan’s king, Maxong? No, it was Piaro and Asmophel. Noll no longer used the expression ‘human.’ Yes, Noll was forced to admit it. The human species wasn’t insignificant. Their power was too amazing to be dismissed as mere livestock.

‘I can’t believe it!’

The hand plow caused terrible pain and Noll’s chaos accelerated. He was a direct descendant. He was the child of the great mother Beriache. A great demon’s blood flowed through him. At the very least, he would reign as an absolute being in this middle world.

‘Then what is this situation? Am I actually an insignificant being?’

Noll never dreamt that the people he was dealing with were the strongest party that even destroyed a great demon. He fell into a frenzy.



He blocked Maxong’s trident and magic with a shield, as well as Asmophel’s sword with blood magic.


He was struck with a hand plow again due to the gap that was revealed when dealing with the two.

‘Why is it so painful?’

The tool that the human calling himself a farmer wielded was too ambiguous to be called a weapon. The efficiency was very low compared to conventional weapo...

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