Chapter 729 (Teaser)

Pounding Mortar. It was the Free Farming technique that the legendary farmer Piaro created. It was a technique that created a mortar that was as big as a house in the sky. It lasted for two seconds and the radius was 180 meters. The most remarkable aspect of this technique was that it could distinguish between allies, despite the overwhelming range of the skill.

Jjirak. Jjirak.


Noll who was only aiming for Grid. A large shadow appeared over his head and the air became heavy.


Thunder. No, the sound was more artificial, intense, and threatening than thunder. Noll instinctively felt fear and created Blood Shield.


An unimaginable weight hit the Blood Shield.

Jjejeok! Jjejejejeok!


The Blood Shield shattered. Blood Shield was a magic and robust defense created to protect the direct descendants!

‘What strength is this?’

Originally, Noll would ask this question. But Noll...

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