Chapter 727 (Teaser)



"Hey! How can you roll to avoid the attack? Every side of the battlefield will be full of enemies waiting to kill you! Stop! Grit your teeth!”

Capital Reinhardt. Constant bellowing sounds were heard from the training grounds. In the morning, daytime, and evening, sound rang out without stopping 24 hours a day. It was due to the unique training policy of military commander Asmophel. Asmophel advocated that ‘war was just a matter of time’ and emphasized night-time training.

Of course, it didn’t mean to train 24 hours a day. He rotated the soldiers and paid attention to their stamina. Thanks to this, the Overgeared soldiers were able to demonstrate their abilities at night. The same was true for the Red Phoenix Group who had come from the East Continent.

"I realize that I’m getting stronger every day. I can’t help acknowledging this training method.”

"Lady Sua acknowledges it.”

Despite his high position, Asmophel was at the training grounds every day. Sometimes it was hard to distinguish him from a soldier. He was...

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